What if every day was Sacred?

If only we approached everyday like it was our beloved, sacred Sunday.

Each day: Sacred, Self-Devoted, Rich in surrender.

You get to choose how you live your life.

You get to choose whether you watch the sun or watch the tv.

You get to choose if you'll make one day of the week count, or all of them.

You get to choose.

You get to choose.

These words have been both my saving grace and most dreaded realization. You get to choose. They're both liberating and bare deep responsibility. You get to choose.

Because it's easier to just do what others do.

It's easier to play the victim and make excuses.

It's easier to wait for tomorrow or believe it's not meant for you.

It's easier.

It's easier.

But it kills you on the inside.

It leaves traces of regret.

And it's just not what you're here for babe. It's just not.

So if tomorrow was just as sacred; if tomorrow was just as self-devoted and special as your much-loved Sunday, how would it be different? How would you CHOOSE differently?

T xx

Romance: Slow dancing with your soul

I believe life moves through cycles and flows, and the one I'm in right now is full of romance.

A romance with my most ingrained weaknesses.

A romance with my heart's deepest longings.

A romance with everything I allow my soul to be awakened to.

It's been brutal at times, yet insatiably gratifying. I feel like I'm slow dancing with contrast, playing with intrigue and underneath it all, so open to love.

I've been sharing and preaching about the significance of having a fierce relationship with yourself for some time now. But what if we took this relationship to the new level of romance?

Where we acknowledged the mystery and recognized those moments that take us out from the everyday norm?

Where we danced with emotions, set the table for our darkest days, and watched along fondly with a whole lot of heart?

In these moments of bonding, I'm finding the sweet whispers of love and courage feel more and more at home. The fight becomes non-existent, time slows down and everything is cherished. Even the moments of loneliness and confusion come with a sweet side of jazz. Bittersweet..

I heard Kute Blackson say today, "I don't have to change what is, I just need to change my relationship to what is." And my body suddenly stood up straight. Yes. Our relationship to EVERYTHING is the source of our power, our greatest gift and most valuable tool. And to make it one of romance... Well, I think that may just take it to a whole new level. 

T xx

This is why I write.

"There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed." - Ernest Hemingway.

It's been over three years since I first started putting my once perceived 'only-good-for-business' writing to use in a personal, self-expressed way in the form of a travel blog for our nine month stint around the world. What began as a way to help my poor memory in my later years turned into a creative outlet I never knew I had. A creative outlet I resisted, but secretly loved.

A travel blog led to a health blog as I embarked on my coaching journey, and now here I lay on a Sunday with a laptop in my lap, pouring words into endless documents purely because I can, and honestly because I am yet to find anything like it. It feeds my soul in ways my words will only ever so briefly express, and even in the simplicity of a social media post like this one, I am filled with fierce satisfaction and contentment for the chance to let it all bleed out.

My words no longer feel like words, they feel like friends. They feel like photographs of moments in time that my soul bookmarked to share, if for nothing more than to make me smile, make me think or make me melt.

My words move me in the same way my soul does. My words marry the ways of my monkey mind with the bold truth of my heart and suddenly with a few taps of the keys I am free.

Unraveled, unshackled, free.

And now 3 years on when I am greeted with new curiosities that feel strange to me, foreign and kinda crazy to explore, I'm reminded of how my curiosity once led me home. I'm reminded of how what I once perceived as an unexciting talent was able to take me by surprise, turn my perspective to be inside out, all with just a simple yes.

A yes to curiosity and where it may lead. A yes to a challenge that would set me free. And so with freedom always in mind, I'm letting my curiosity take me further on this writing journey. Poetry. Fiction. Storytelling in whatever way my soul desires to be expressed. I'm having fun with it and letting it flow in any which way it wants to.

Experimentation is curiosity's best friend. And so I thought I'd ask you - what are you willing to experiment with this week? Where can you let your curiosities take you?

T xx

Human to human; Sometimes I hide.

Sometimes (OK, often) I run and hide from new opportunities for connection with new people. Not just emotionally, but physically - I actually run and hide from people, like a little girl.

A new neighbour will move in and I will intentionally hold back from walking out my front door so I can avoid the awkward first conversation in the hallway.

I'll spot someone in the street that I just recently met and I will walk faster to get where I'm going.

I think I even once hid from my now partner of 5 years, having seen him walking home from a day on the slopes after meeting him for the first time a few nights before, because I was scared shitless of what it all meant and what on earth I'd say without my "bar banter" and charm.

And even now with a solid 5 years of soul searching, crazy personal growth and devotion to a fierce relationship with the truth of who I am, I still catch my introverted and awkward self running. Hiding. Retreating into my humanness when it all feels too much, and when I just want to crawl into my own little burrow without another human in sight.

But then a moment rolls on by that feels like a blow to the guts because I'm reminded of what I love most about this big old world of ours.. Connection. Humanity. Eye to eye, belly to belly, golden fireworks of love that only another human being can provide. I'd then feel a deep sense of shame from hiding from the very thing that I crave the most, and to be honest sometimes I still do. It sucks to know you're both your greatest ally and biggest weakness, and it hurts sometimes.

And whilst I might never really leave my disappearing act behind (we all have our 'thing', you know), how I choose to wear it and own it is something I'll never undervalue again. Because, Yes, I'm a human being that still resists everything she truly desires, and yes, I'm a human being that often acts irrationally when her upper limits are pushed.. But show me someone who isn't? Real, raw, transparent and forever human. That's all I will ever aim to be.

So from one growth loving human to another, remember;

Growth may be your drug, but don't ever let it drown out your humility. Own each step forward as an achievement you can be proud of, but see each step back with a sense of humour you wear with pride.

Your awkward fuck ups and your perceived failures are as fierce as your most fulfilling feat. Embrace them, celebrate them and get down and dirty with what makes your human heart unreplicable. Go on, I dare you!

T xx

To grow is a privilege, not a pain

If you're going to play this personal growth game, you need to be willing to feel as unclear, confused and unsettled, as much as (or more than) you feel clear, conscious and alive. Fact.

You need to be willing to handle the constant self-questioning, and the desire to constantly prove yourself wrong to seek and reveal new truths. Clarity is always fleeting.

You will often feel overwhelmed and you will often feel the need to go slow. Listening to your soul will become your new favourite past time.

And you will often feel disheartened and you will often feel alone. For what is the light, without the dark?


But at the end of the day, it's how you react, process and play in these uncomfortable and stretching times that guide the growth itself.

It's in those moments where the growing pains feel too painful to bare, and the fear feels too big to digest that predict just how ready you are for what lies on the other side.

Because growth itself is a gift that commands respect.

It's a process that demands patience.

And it's a privilege that only a portion of the world gets to proactively play with, by choice.

And you my friend, are one of the lucky few.

So next time the growth gets too hard, and the pain begins to pull you into entitlement - remember that it's something you GET TO DO, not something you HAVE TO DO.

Let your perspective shift to the pleasure over the pain. Remind yourself that you're playing in a league that many would kill for, a life that so many hope for. A life so abundant that it holds space for your needs, desires, greatness and then some. And because of that, you are more powerful than you know.

T xx

Soul Productivity

What if you measured your day's productivity by how much time you spent with your soul?

By how DEEP the two of you went that day?

By how much discomfort you felt?

By how many deep breaths it took for you to hear her intently?

I call this Soul Productivity. You can't tick this shit off a to-do list. You can't Instagram it. And you certainly can't do it whilst multi-tasking.

But with my full heart, I know and believe that it makes you the most productive beast around.

It gives each moment, decision and action you take, a RICHNESS that only comes from sacred guidance. A richness that acts like a magnet that attracts the conversations, opportunities and flow that you need to go next level. And when you get there, there's no fucking around. There's no indecisiveness around whether or not you should be there, there's no questioning your place or procrastinating on misaligned ideas.

Shit gets real. And shit gets done. But only if and when your soul has been busy getting real and getting shit done FIRST.

If prioritizing the fierce relationship you have with yourself is still feeling hard or you're resisting it big time, then congratulations. You're human and your ego is doing its job protecting you - because a soul-led life is definitely something to be feared. It has the potential to raise your spirits, stretch your existence and grow your contribution. Heck, it may even cause a spike in love, success and abundance.

Can you handle that??

T xx

This is the face of a warrior.

This is the face of a warrior, soaking up her sweet spot.

You know the one.. In between the moments of discomfort, the hardship of the hustle, the frustration of the fierce choices that often feel harder than you can bare.. In between all of it, lies the sweet spot. The window of silence that leaves room for perspective. To see that behind the hours spent apart, you're both following your dreams. Amidst the stress and coffee stained sweat shirt, you're now doing it all on your own terms. And underneath the sacrifices and the uncertainty, there you lay at night with your head on the pillow, heart full and enthusiasm rich. "I wouldn't change a thing".

Everyone with a curious soul and a hungry heart has a mountain to climb. And if you've chosen to climb yours, you've already earned my respect.

And whether your mountain is a crying newborn, a startup, a new level of fear or a dream that just won't rest, never stop hunting down your sweet spot. Seek it everyday, grab hold of it and squeeze it like your life depends on it (doesn't it?) and never let it go. Coz it's that sweet spot of perspective, that spoonful of positivity and the glimmer of satisfaction that reminds you it's all so so worth it.

So to all my mountain climbers out there, this is for you. May your devotion to your soul earn your own respect and the courage you show day in day out keep you in fear of just how powerful you really are.

Because nothing is more worthy of your own awe than who you see in the mirror. Don't you see? You are brave. You are bold. You are bad-ass.

You are a warrior of soul-worship, a leader of the light. And every fucking day, I promise I feel your pain. The pain of never really knowing what the fuck you're doing. The pain of sometimes growing faster than you think you're ready for. The pain of constantly getting up time and time again, to live in service to your heart.

But pain lives on both sides of the tracks - whether you choose to stare up at the mountain you never climbed, or in each step that you make to the top. And when you picked your path, you decided on your pain.

A pain that's fed on choice, not regret. A pain that births new life, not death. A pain that only a warrior like you can bare for the mountain that only you can climb.

Keep climbing. Keep climbing.

T xx

Want to feel deeply satisfied and insanely successful?

Today I got zero "work" done. But it was without a doubt the most satisfying and successful day I have had all week.

And it was all because of one juicy ass conversation between myself and an amazing soul sister, where one thing lead to another, one inspired story led to another inspired story, and we found ourselves telling each other our grandest most exhilarating and heart pumping visions for the work we are here to do on the planet. It was breathtaking for me in so many ways.

It was the first time I have shared my vision with anyone in this much detail, and all of it was completely channelled from within, delivered straight from spirit, and to be honest I can't even remember the exact words I used - all I remember is that I FELT every word down to the core. And to be held, supported, embraced and understood in that moment by someone who could seriously read my soul if she wanted to (because our souls seem to dance to the same beat) - it was truly something magical.

Our whole conversation amongst other topics lasted for 90min. And I honestly could have done nothing else today and gone to bed straight after, head hitting the pillow feeling like the most accomplished, successful and satisfied woman alive.

Because the reality is that nothing feels as good as sweet, delicious alignment. When you use that fierce relationship with yourself to get really super clear on what really lights you up and makes your soul dance, and then you surrender to that and let it connect you with people who feel the same - that is the kind of blissful alignment that surpasses any to-do list, any amount of income or any external validation. You feel like the luckiest girl in the world - despite what your job title is, what your income is, how many Facebook friends you have or what joe blow thinks of you. And nothing or no-one can steal that away, unless you give them permission to.

Having a fierce relationship with yourself really is your super power, and it will lead you to the bliss and satisfaction your soul craves. But as Shona Rhimes says, Power isn't power unless you know you have it.

So I beg you to imagine; If you said yes to your power right now, what do you think this kind of satisfaction and success might feel and look like in your own life?


Why I'm stepping away from the Feed Me brand

We are always becoming. Growing. Morphing into something else, changing shapes, taking new breaths and correcting our stance.

Always inching closer and closer to a more accurate incarnation of our true self. Our soul.

One of my favourite things to do is go back and read my journal from a year ago, a month ago, a week ago. The impermanence is real, the change is free-flowing and it’s so refreshing. Our values stay the same, but new truths are constantly revealing themselves. The cycle of curiosity, experience, learning, growing then sharing it with others, is on constant repeat; we are never done. How fucking awesome is that?!

And it's this very truth of constant growth and evolution that has pulled me into the decision to slowly move away from the Feed Me brand and now share my work with you under my own name (the blog will slowly make the transition soon).

It feels right, it feels juicy, and it feels like the perfect free-flowing, always expanding, never-constricting container for me to serve you and share everything my spirit calls me to.

This space is and always will be the home of all my adventures in personal growth and how they relate to you and your own unique journey, to help inspire you, uplift you and forever ignite that inner fierce within you that sees you in awe of your own greatness. It's a pretty rad place to be. But it's about to get a whole lot more REAL. Yep, I want to use this space to get even more raw, deep, vulnerable and connected with you - because more than ever, I feel it's so necessary. Because here's the thing..

I just won't stand for a life where I can't MOVE you on a deep level to recognise your brilliance, at every opportunity I have...

I won't stand for a platform crafted by me, that fails to go deeper than fear allows...

And I won't stand for a tribe that doesn't get the real and honest truth about all things personal growth, self-love, discomfort, expansion, daring dreams and soul connection.I just won't have it.

So let me use this opportunity to say THANK YOU for being here, THANK YOU for being you, and THANK YOU in advance for opening your heart to all the raw and real truths heading your way. I hope it triggers some serious self-exploration and countless 'fuck-yeah moments' in your fierce, feminine and love-fuelled existence!

Peace xx

How to be Fierce in the face of fear

I promised you I’d always be transparent. I promised you more of the unglamorous side of growth, of living fierce, of finally following your soul and letting it lead you towards everything you want. So here it is.

Today was a few things. It was one of the days I work from home, immersed in my genius and pouring love into the She is Fierce Community (I love these days). Today was also a cleanse day for me. For those unfamiliar, I use supported intermittent fasting as part of a nutrition program I am a huge advocate for because of the way it has shifted my energy levels and put me into the best health of my life. Now I’ll be frank - my cleanse days aren’t a walk in the park. They are 100% mental and if I’m already stretching and growing in other areas of my life, I can struggle because as I’ve mentioned before, I’ve struggled with emotional eating in the past. When discomfort sets in, my instinctual reaction is to open the fridge. I’m sure I’m not alone. Usually I see it coming and I lean on a number of my own personal tools and practices that I’ve learnt through my work in having a fierce relationship with myself. 9 times out of 10, I pull through stronger. Though some are rather challenging like this morning.

I’d started my cleanse day in my favourite way - yoga and stretching in the lounge room listening to my mentors - and I was excited to lean in to what the day had in store for me. But then 11am hit, I hit my usual upper limit - “this feels too easy, this day is going too well, let’s fuck something up” and I found myself in the kitchen.

A million excuses piled up in my mind around why I should scrap my cleanse day and start again tomorrow - like the fact that I am going over to a friends place tonight, or that I should really give myself the option to eat more today if I’m stretching myself in other areas. And I’ll tell ya - I stood there frozen in my kitchen for a good 5 minutes as I was waiting for the kettle to boil, going to and fro in my mind over whether or not I should just eat something and start again tomorrow.

Then I remembered something that reeled me back in..

What hurts more Tara?

The pain of your upper limit, the resistance around actually living the life you want where your body is nourished on a cellular level and feeling its absolute best so it can carry you through this inspiring life you are leading…

Or the pain that comes with going back on your word to yourself, jeopardising this trust you have with your own soul, and having to move through the rest of your day knowing you deliberating acted out of alignment and incongruently to your big inspiring message to the world - because you were just too afraid that life couldn’t possibly be this good?

The first is a pain that lasts a moment. The second is a pain that lasts a lifetime. I chose the moment.

I’m so grateful everyday for this fierce relationship I have ignited within myself. With my ego, with my soul, with the inner fierce that holds my hand and helps me move more and more into alignment every day. Not everyday looks like this. Some days are better, some are worse. But the fact is, this is the reality.

Living fierce doesn’t mean you’re perfect. But it does mean honesty. It means being fiercely real about what you want, what you are and aren’t doing to get there, and just having really honest conversations with yourself to either build trust or own your decisions.

Some days you will choose fear. It’s inevitable and it’s human. But with a fierce relationship with yourself, you have the deep respect and reverence for your soul that sees you locking hands with your inner fierce the very next day and choosing to once again put one foot in front of the other.

So whether today you choose love or fear, know that fierce is always available to you as long as you’re honest with yourself. And that honesty and willingness to speak true, comes from the relationship you have with YOU. All of you - the good, bad and the ugly. Own it fiercely. You never know who’s life you might be impacting, in simply being YOU.

So I want to ask you; What would a fierce relationship with yourself look like?

How would it be real for you?

What would it mean for your day to day to day life, and your biggest dreams?

If you're ready to find out, my She is Fierce Program opens again for enrolment on 5 July, and there’s a killer bonus involved for the first 10 women.

Big love beauties xx

Here's to the Fierce ones..

Just as much as you praise the woman who treks the peaks of Everest, praise the woman who climbs the peaks of her power to then share all that she knows for the power of another.

Just as much as you praise the woman who feeds the hungry, praise the woman who saves her spirit from malnourishment by feeding it self-love and respect.

For do you know how much work, strength, training and sacrifice she has had to endure?

Just as a pro surfer rises early for the waves, she rises for the discomfort. Just as the volunteer sacrifices her time for the cause, she sacrifices her ego for love.

Today I want to shout out praise from the rooftops for all the women who dare to live in their greatness. Every achievement, be it a meditation or a marathon, starts with an inner fierceness that goes from spirit to superpower with every step forward in the direction of your heart. And after a fucking frustrating day yesterday swimming in my own upper limits, discomfort, growth and greatness - I felt called to remind you today that YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. WE ARE INCREDIBLE.

Every doubt, every challenge, every moment of perseverance and every second spent listening within is an achievement worth celebrating, and today I’m celebrating YOU.

Here’s to the fierce ones - the ones that live it, breathe it and bath in it.

Living a fierce life of growth and expansion is not for the faint-hearted, and my heart feels full knowing we're all in it together. It's an honour to trek this journey with you!

T xx

Why do I even care if you have a fierce relationship with yourself?

Why do I even care if you have a fierce relationship with yourself?

Because without it, how will you hear the gentle, ever so silent nudges from the universe that guide you to do the very thing that someone else needs you to do today?

Because without it, how will you ever be able to embody the amount of self love that is needed to inspire that woman randomly sitting across from you in the cafe?

Because without it, how will you ever cultivate the courage you need to dive head first into that idea, dream or business that will be the very thing to light up the heart of someone you don’t even know?


Having a fierce relationship with yourself, is ultimately not even about you. It’s about how that fierce relationship with yourself puts you in prime position to GIVE. SERVE. LEAD. INSPIRE.

And I’m not talking about the grand acts of these verbs either. I’m talking about the small, every day ways we show up in the world.

The smile you have to offer that stranger when they need it, because you’ve already nurtured yourself first and have extra love to give.

The extra patience you carry when your child is throwing a tantrum that leads you to react with love instead of anger, because you’ve put in the energy to really understand how the two are birthed and unleashed in your body.

The way you own the room at your next meeting with confidence and grace, which inspires your colleague to do the same in her relationship at home. All because you made the decision to hold hands with your highest self for life, and never leave her side again.

Having a fierce relationship with yourself is exactly how you will or won’t change the world. Loving yourself and knowing yourself is a gift, but it’s what it’s used for and how it impacts everything else that is the real gift here.

So consider it a self-less act. Consider it a service for the humanity. Consider it a integral part of how you do your bit to change the world. Because whether you like it or not, the relationship you have with yourself is not hidden behind closed doors, with no way of impacting others. Every day you show up in the world you are leaving a footprint. How about making a decision that will ensure that footprint is a positive one?

Decide to have a fierce relationship with yourself.

Decide and stand firm in your decision.

That’s where it all begins.

T x

How NOT to kill your ideas before you even start

"Once I have my shit sorted, I’ll be able to start..” said every dreamer, every week for as long as she can remember.

Compulsive Planners are killing millions of dreams and ideas every day. Their weapons of choice: Violent procrastination. Hesitation. Excessive use of day planners and colour coded schedules that are never looked at. And my favourite: The to-do list that is never actioned. The killings are absolutely brutal; scenes that would make you cry. And I know all of this how? Well, I regularly get to see behind the tape. As both the coach to many compulsive planners, and as the murderer myself.

Yep, I’ve killed many ideas in my short 29 years of life. Running around them in circles, week in week out, suffocating them with my need to get it ‘just right’, or get every inch of clarity out of them before I can finally set them free into the world, then realising all I’ve done is ruined them completely. I’ve wreaked havoc through the halls of my dreams countless times filled with raging perfectionism, self-doubt and potent limiting beliefs. Yep, I’m human. And old habits die hard, and the urge still kicks in every now and then when I find myself smashing up against my upper limit and trying to conquer new personal growth territory. This actually makes me incredibly happy, because it reaffirms for me just how devoted I am to living the life I want - one where I am constantly pushing my own boundaries and excelling past my belief systems. It’s these fear-based challenges popping up here and there that remind me I’m living the limitless life I’ve always dreamed of.

Everyday I choose to shine a light on the fears at hand, and step forward from my heart. I choose to harness every tool on my tool belt designed for good, not evil, and use my fierce stubbornness and commitment towards amplifying my dreams instead of running them into the ground. And it’s this very process that has seen me not just avoid killing my ideas over the last few years, but see them grow, flourish and blow me away.

And so from one ex-serial dream killer to a hopeful other, I want to share with you a few standout commandments I choose to live my life by these days, that never fail to keep me moving forward:

  1. I cull like a mad woman.

Ideas, dreams, notes, to-do’s.. Slice and dice baby. If it’s not inspiring me 10x anymore, I’m hitting the delete button. If my soul hasn’t guided me back to it for months, it’s obviously not where I’m meant to be heading right now and that is OK. Release with love - it frees up the mental space and energy to go hard with what really sets your heart on fire, and crushes overwhelm and procrastination like nothing else.

  1. Learn to love your mess.

As much as a clear space, organised list and polished plan is electrifying for your spirit, I also know that resisting the mess and placing heaps of emphasis on my “need” to clear it before I can start or press publish is a huge act of self-sabotage for me. So I’ve experimented with learning to swim in the mess. Practicing being a strong swimmer, and keep swimming even when the water is not clear. It takes a mega bout of willingness and it’s mega uncomfortable at first, but it’s pretty empowering. Plus, all the really good ideas and dreams out there were totally created from a cafe napkin, buried desk or disorganised notebook anyway, right?

  1. Don’t delay discomfort. It delays the dream. Instead, dare to desire it.

I’m a keen advocate for knowing your core values. Personal Growth is pretty high on my list, and so whilst I recognise the role and value of discomfort, that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly shitty for me like it is for you. But guess what - I've discovered that putting it off and cheating my way out of it, either through food, social media or mega resistance, actually delays my dream too. It puts that big, passionate, fiery dream of mine two days further away with every two days I delay my discomfort. So now, like a bandaid, I welcome it and get it over and done with, usually by deciding on the one action step that will get me to the other side the fastest. If that means sending that email I don’t want to send by hitting ‘enter’ and running away from the computer like a little girl, then so be it. It might hurt more, but it’s done in a flash. The sooner I can move past the discomfort, the sooner I get to lock hands with my dream. If your dream or idea has enough emotional charge behind it, this might be a winner for you too.


Tell me, what idea or dream will you intentionally devote to NOT butchering this week with fear-based thoughts and actions? Everything begins with a heart-fuelled declaration and fierce intention - your journey starts here babe. Fill me in using the comments below xx

20 golden reminders for living out loud

I’ve been having conversations with many of you this week around rituals and boundaries, and after reading this post by Leonie Dawson (which most likely drew me in because of her fine use of the word ‘fuck’ in the title), I was inspired to write my own ‘Golden rules of Tara’ list which I’m instead naming ‘Tara’s 20 commandments’ or '20 golden reminders for living out loud', primarily because ‘rules’ don’t really jam well with my rebellious spirit..

It’s essentially a list of my personal truths/musts (written to myself) for living the way I know I am here to live. Kind of like a manifesto of reminders for when I need it most.

If they jam with you, maybe you could write a few of your own and send them back to me? I’d love to know what’s true for you and how your laying down the law in your own life!

Ok, here goes..

1. Stop, drop and love - every time your man walks in the door. Nothing is ever more important or more urgent. Without love, there is nothing. Get off your ass Tara and attack that man with your love like there is no tomorrow!

2. Never say never. You used to say you would never be an early riser, never be a coach, never be fit, never find a man who loved you and would hold space for you to be you, never find likeminded friends in a country town, never earn an income from your own biz, never love yourself.. Safe to say, that word ’never’ is a dirty word that needs to go! Anything is possible if you decide it is.

3. Love the game/process/journey more than the outcome. It will save you a million times over, and you will never go to bed unfulfilled ever again.

4. Your morning soul sessions are your first priority. Everything else is second. Say no to those early morning catchups if they fuck up your flow, it’s not worth it.

5. People are your jam. You’ve come along way babe.. Yes, you can still be socially awkward and you still can’t handle small talk, but you’re no longer sitting in your hidey hole all day proclaiming not to be a people person. These days, meeting new likeminded people lights you up like nothing else! Do it more often!

6. Keep your protective energy shield on babe, and stick to your own story. Your empathic nature and ability to see all sides of the puzzle often leave you trying to comfort and cater for other peoples shit. Keep your shield on, let that shit come at you and rebound right off. You can help more people that way.

7. Go to the library more often. You love hard cover books, but hate ‘stuff’ so this helps both arguments. Plus, theres no way you are lugging boxes of books with you forever, as you travel around the world in search of the next whale adventure!

8. Keep writing when it feels good to write. Let your creativity guide you, not the other way around. But don’t be afraid to structure the shit out of everything else. Structure can feel all kinds of freeing.

9. Keep expecting love everyday. Smile when you rise, expect love to bowl you over at every opportunity, and be what you want to see in the world. To experience love in the most miraculous ways, we need to believe it’s possible first.

10. There really are no rules, and no-one really knows what the hell they are doing.Do shit your way, put nobody on a pedestal and know that you can add value to everyone you meet. Your gift is yours and yours to share, so share it.

11. Beware of the inspo overload. Keep your ideas flowing in a steady pace - too much inspo can be your greatest form of self sabotage - don’t set yourself up for overwhelm, limit yourself to one podcast a day and look within before you look outside of yourself. All the answers are already in there anyway.

12. Never forget your driving force - You are going to die. So are the people you love, and so are the people you don’t even know. Maybe in 70 years. Maybe in 70 hours. Who knows. All you have is now, so make it count. And keep on not giving a fuck about what people think, because the truth is, in 100 years no-one will even know who you are. All that matters is that you do.

13. Own your weirdness and proudly declare your boundaries. Show women what's possible, don’t tell them.

14. Treat your body to some love often. Body brushing, massage, manual therapy, sweet words - it likes all of that stuff.

15. Dress up every now and then. As much as you love being a North QLD beach bum who gets to wear thongs 365 days of the year, your sexy side likes to be expressed every now and then too. Own it.

16. Dream bigger whenever you can. The bigger the better. And don’t forget to keep those dreams up close, on the walls and everywhere your eyes can see them. We all need to be remembered of our ‘why’ every now and then.

17. 8 hours sleep. Always.

18. The foam roller and stretching is your best friend. Don’t ever go too long without paying them a visit.

19. Never let anyone convince you to buy a TV, ever. 3 years without a TV and it’s still the best decision you have ever made. Next step - no phones in the bedroom!

20. Pay more attention to the little things. The way his cheeks feel soft on your lips. The way she giggles. The sound of the birds. The smell of the rain. That’s the kind of stuff you’ll remember when it’s all over.

Dig it? I’d love to know what you would write on your own list about your own truths/musts. Jot some down in the comments below and share some with me - I’d love that!

Big love,


If you struggle sticking to your rituals or asking for help, read this..

I'm going to cut right to the chase here, with the most important message you need to hear today (that you may not even realise you need to hear)..

Relying on support, rituals or tools on a daily basis (to keep you sane, functioning and thriving) is not a weakness!!

Here’s the thing..

For some reason, our society has fallen into the trap of thinking that we must do everything on our own, with no help what so ever from other people, rituals, practices or resources. It’s like we carry this belief that if we have to rely on help from someone or something, then we are less than.. That we are weak or inferior or missing a component of what it means to be human. Because, everybody else is totally capable of it all and balances their life out perfectly, right?!


We are not, and have never, been built to do everything on our own, without guidance, support or even tools to help us get by. We come from tribes, villages, large communities where everybody helped everybody and rituals and ceremonies provided the emotional and spiritual support we needed to not just survive each day, but thrive in the way that was of most service to ourselves, the community and mother nature.

Yet here we are in 2016, and women all around me are mirroring a belief that once ran wild in my mind like a nightmare not all that long ago.. That to rely on a daily ritual, a routine, a tool, a structure or even a simple daily practice - is somehow cheating, or a symbol of just how hopeless, weak and incapable we are.


Women of the world (and men for that matter) - please, please, please - tell this limiting belief of yours to fuck right off!

Because your willingness, openness and eagerness to receive support, guidance and assistance in any way - be it in the form of a coach, nutritional tool, meditation practice, morning ritual, or even some non-negotiable deep breaths before you start the day - is actually your SUPER POWER!!

It connects you in with your highest self. It gives you an open, unobstructed channel through which your very best self can communicate with you and lead you towards everything you have ever wanted and required. It ensures that you thrive, so that you can help others and the world to thrive. Because if you’re just surviving, then what hope does that leave for the rest of us?

There are no prizes at the end of your life for getting through it alone and unsupported. You do not get a medal for struggling through life, or a badge that says “I win because I was stubborn and tried to do it all on my own". Not only is that down right ridiculous, but it’s fucking irresponsible.

There are people out there that need you. Some you may love and know, others you may never have even met. There is a world out there that needs you. There are causes, ideas, projects, gifts, relationships, dreams - that need you to quit using that ‘weakness’ excuse so you can actually start being an engaged participant in this life in the way the universe needs you to be.

All of these thoughts around rituals, tools and help being a weakness is all EGO, trying to keep you playing small and consequently sabotaging your growth and contribution to this world. The best of the best at anything will tell you that they couldn’t have done any of it without their team, coaches, support, tools, daily practices and every other non-negotiable they have set in their life to keep them sane, on track and aligned with what matters most.

I challenge you to show me one woman out there who has opened herself up to receiving and welcoming guidance and support, showed up every day for her rituals, practices and tools designed to help her, and has not succeeded in her goals!!

So consider this my invitation to QUIT COLD TURKEY! Quit the excuses, quit the destructive belief that relying on help in any form somehow makes you weak, and quit being a victim!

There is so much out there trying to help you live your best fucking life - it’s time for you to open your eyes and start letting it in, showing up for it and claiming it as your superpower! Start by choosing just ONE THING, one non-negotiable that you will swear to live by and do every single day without fail, to keep you filled up from the inside and connected to who you truly know you are and can be. And then show up for that one thing, without fail, every single day like your life depends on it. Because guess what… It does.

So whether it’s meditation, sharing what you’re grateful for around the dinner table, saying yes to that new eating program, going for that walk everyday, watching that sunset, taking three deep breaths whilst driving, listening to those podcasts, journalling, seeking out that coach, asking that other mum for advice, telling that person that you love them… Whatever it is for you, that keeps you sane, empowered, connected and thriving - COMMIT TO IT AND DO IT!

Because if you won’t do it for yourself, then no-one can do it for you. You are the only hope you have, and it’s your responsibility to show up for you. It’s as simple as that. I can keep you accountable and I can call you on your bullshit - but I can not do your push ups for you.

So START NOW - tell me - what is one non-negotiable ritual, tool, practice or commitment you are going to make from now on wards, to do every single day?

Tell me in the comments and LET’S DO THIS. Time is ticking, and you won’t get this time back. Right now is all you have. GO!

Big love,

T x

What are you doing with your Inner Fierce?

How is it that we can look at something so expansive, powerful and extraordinary as Mother Nature, and still somehow believe that we are in charge?

That we somehow get to decide how we will burn her, abuse her, steal from her and rule over her, without her blinking an eye-lid?

I know how.. By truly not looking at her at all.

Instead of seeing her as the mother of all things, the mother of us, our gaze is directed at all the 'stuff'. The 'noise'. The internal chaos that is our mind and the unnecessary, over-complicated and irrelevant shit that we convince ourselves is more important.

We watch the sunset in movies more than in our backyards.

We watch our bank accounts go up and down more than we watch the tides go in and out.

We watch our perception of life shift between different shades of grey instead of watching the dark sky be lit up with stars like magic.

We have so far to go to fix the mess we have made, but each step in the right direction can be so simple, if only we decide to be willing. All we have to do is open our eyes. Shift our focus to what's important (for humanity) instead of what's urgent (for us personally).

Because there will always be something that feels more urgent than the state of mother nature. But there will never be anything more important. Not even ourselves.

I have and always will be a fierce advocate for self-love, self-worth, self-care, and every other self-focused intention designed to help us have a better relationship with who we are, and lead extraordinary lives. However, we must never lose sight of what that fierce relationship and extraordinary life is for. Service.

Giving back to the universe that so generously put us here.

Being of service to the other humans, animals and plants that co-inhabit this space.

Sharing our gift with the world, in whatever form that may take.

Because having a fierce relationship with yourself is no longer enough. At some point, you must ask yourself – what will I choose to do with it?

How will I leave this earth better than it was?

How will I love myself so fiercely, that I have an abundance of love to give to others and mother nature alike?

How can I use this inner strength, peace and love to shift my mindset from ‘otherness’ to ‘oneness’?

How you do it and what it looks like is up to you. But the ‘when’ can start right now if you are truly willing.

Will you join me?

Big love,

Tara x

Why morning rituals are my everything

My morning rituals.

Eyes wide open at 4.30am, gratitude before my feet hit the floor, warm lemon water, a killer F45 workout, sunrise on the beach plugging in and chatting with my soul, usually some snapchatting sharing my daily download and beautiful morning views, and then it's off home for brekkie and a stretch before starting the working day.

I don't take my rituals lightly - in fact I don't even let my partner join me for sunrise because that morning meditation time is so important to me. It anchors me in the way nothing else can. It grounds me whilst simultaneously sees me ascending into the heavens, getting high on mother nature's magic.

Because here's the thing; We ARE our rituals.They bind together to tell the story of our life, our values, our desires and our vision for ourselves.

They are the container within which we do our part of the work of co-creation; working alongside the universe to do what we are here to do. Whilst the universe is there alongside us, generously channeling the guidance, wisdom, knowledge and strength we need to participate in life, we still need to show up for it and do the physical work. We still need to be the vessel, the meat suit, that actions that guidance and utilises that strength. And without rituals, we are totally leaving that part to chance. We are showing the universe that we are willing to be careless about our role and the work we have to do, because ultimately we don't care enough about it. We don't value our contribution, nor do we value the gifts and power that the universe is trying to deliver through us. And that not only doesn't serve the lives of others, but it surely doesn't serve yours.

So if life isn't feeling the way you want it to feel right now, take a look at your daily habits and rituals.

Do they align with who you want to be, or who you don't want to be?

The change has to start there, with what you do every single day. You can't expect something to change in your life if you always do what you've always done. So make today the day you choose differently -

What is one ritual you can start today (and show up consistently for from now on) that is completely aligned with the person you want to be in the world??

And remember - we are all a work in progress. There will always be more than you can do or things you can change - what's important is that you choose to keep moving forward anyway, and that you start today.

Big love,

Tara xx

Perspective: Life through love-stained glass

What lens are you working with right now?

The one that helps you see every circumstance in your life as an excuse to play the victim - where everything is happening ‘to you’? Or have you taken the initiative to change the lens and see the world through love-stained glass?

Because you know it’s all perspective, right?

I believe that every experience, circumstance or occurrence in our life holds deep purpose. Sometimes that purpose is to teach us something, sometimes it’s to remind us how to lighten up and have fun, and other times it’s for a purpose that is not our responsibility to know of.

But regardless of the purpose, it is all designed to support you in strengthening the relationship you have with yourself. Every moment, every life event, every decision - designed to keep you in training at the school of YOU.

So ditch the ‘Why me?’ mentality and get your love lens on..

How are your current circumstances training you right now in strengthening your relationship to yourself?

How is life asking you right now to go deeper, to go inward, to fall in love with every bit of who you are?

And more importantly, will you say 'yes'?

When the vision is written on your heart..

Working for a big-ass vision, and aligning with your spirit every single day to bring it to life is fucking scary. It's a lot of work. And it's not easy. It plays out in the fields on self-sabotage, self-doubt and extreme discomfort...

But when the vision is written on your heart and it carries a message that moves you to tears, it doesn't feel like work. Instead, you feel honored to be the chosen human life that gets to work for it.

I've spent the last couple of weeks letting myself get really deep and dirty with what my soul really wants me to do in this world.. Not this year or next - but long term. I've always shied away from such long term requests from my soul, they felt too big to handle or too heavy in responsibility. But something has shifted this year. I feel able. I feel willing. And I feel like my relationship to my soul is finally strong enough to let myself dance with a new level of possibility. My heart feels fuller, my eyes open wider, and my breathing feels deeper. I feel the full melody of this vision down into my bones, and it's anchored in something more powerful than I can even explain yet.

All I know is that when I look into this little guys eyes - my hero who is now back to his radiant, loving and healthy self - this vision of mine flares up with wild abandon inside of me and I can't ignore it anymore. I've been touched by life's impermanence, I've been slapped in the face with my one and only purpose (LOVE) and now my soul is demanding I jump on board it's grand vision to help serve in a way that only my experiences and spirit can.

This might all sound like woo-woo to you, I don't care. I know the Fierce Freestylers in this tribe will resonate and their spirits will lock eyes with mine and see the heart of it. Because we're all here to simply listen, trust and love (as a beautiful client recently reminded me) and whatever form that takes for you and whatever road that takes you on, if your soul is the one who is guiding you, don't doubt it for a second.

Respect the divinity of your soul's wishes.

You are only the human after all.

Peace out xx

The Epidemic Keeping Women From Living With Ruthless Integrity

Recently on a podcast I heard author and pastor, Rob Bell, highlight some of his core values in life, one of which saw the hair on my arms stand up in agreement. Two words that felt so at home in my body.

Ruthless Integrity.

To me, ruthless integrity implies living in complete alignment with your values, only acting and speaking in accordance with what feels true to you, and being unashamed to stand behind all that you share with the world. To me it means saying and doing what you mean and ruthlessly being true to your word.

I’m a health and life coach with a big voice driven by insane passion, so naturally I believe that we all have something incredibly unique to share with the world, shaped by our own beliefs, experiences, values and truth. And I’m going to jump right in here and remind you that yes, you have a voice and yes, it’s your duty to ensure your unique voice is heard.

Whether you are a writer, a barista, a mother or an assistant; you are gifted countless opportunities every day to speak, act and behave in a way that feels congruent with who you are and what you stand for. This is the whole purpose behind my She is Fierce program; reconnecting with who you are on a whole new level so you can live it out loud through your words and actions.

Yet I’ve noticed in our society, there seems to be a bit of a slight blockage in the pipes of self-expression, keeping many women from letting out their truth and thus acting from this place of integrity. And as you can imagine, it’s drenched in some serious fear!

Women everywhere, doubting their truth and turning down the volume of their inner voice in fear of saying the wrong thing.

In fear of being proven wrong.

In fear that their past will one day come back to haunt them, should their current beliefs one day no longer be cool, accepted or mainstream.

I see women holding in their perspectives, insights, advice and truth back from the world, in fear of one day being judged. And it saddens me. Because I fear that these women have forgotten what they truly stand for within..

Love. Not fear.

Truth. Not judgement.

Compassion. Not criticism.

Women are giving their power away each and every day to fears that in no way, shape or form align with the other key values in their life..

Freedom. Honesty. Adventure. Independence. Unity.

All of the reasons we love life to begin with. All of the magnificent values that come from expressing who we are to the world with confidence, authenticity and integrity.

I say all of this with absolute empathy; I understand the resistance. I’m well aware of the fact that in 10 years time you may believe in something very different to what you do right now; change is our only constant and our curiosities will no doubt always lead us to learning new things about ourselves and the world that may or may not contradict our current beliefs. We are also human beings, and so mistakes are most certainly going to happen, and there will be times when we fall out of alignment. But I truly believe that if you lead your life with a conscious heart and you are an active participant in your own personal growth and awareness, I believe ruthless integrity is a badge you can wear proudly.

Truth is: We don’t know what we don’t know.

All we have in this moment is our truth, and our eagerness to learn more. That is what makes us seekers. A limitless thirst for knowledge, perspective and insight into a fascinating world filled with wonder and awe. It’s such a beautiful time to be alive. People of any age, background, education level or gender have the ability to express themselves, share what they believe in, speak their truth and through that, connect deeper into who they are and what they stand for. Unique perspectives, ideas and opinions are heard, appreciated and encouraged on every topic under the sun using a multitude of different platforms, and those who feel that inner calling and restlessness, inspired to live life louder and achieve more, have access to everything that they could ever need to show up and communicate their beliefs and desires. We live in a time where anyone can be heard and it’s marvellous!

And it’s with absolute certainty that I can say that one day I will look back on all that I now proudly advocate and believe in and find one or two areas I no longer look at in the same way. I will no doubt have changed my mind a million times since then, and I may even look back at my words and cringe, realising how much I was still yet to learn. But you know what? I welcome that moment!

I welcome that day when I look back at my courageous expeditions of self-expression and relentless belief in what set my soul on fire. Because I will know that I did all of it with ruthless integrity to who I was at the time, taking action and pursuing life in alignment with what I hold dearest to my heart which includes taking risks, always showing up, always letting my spirit be free, and always believing in the good in people. And if such relentless expression of my beliefs and passions should one day see me on the wrong side of a debate or put me in a position of discomfort, I will rest easy knowing that I never swayed from my truth. And my truth is and will always be the only truth that matters to my soul.

So I want to inspire you to take a good look at your own values and beliefs and ask yourself;

Am I living with ruthless integrity?

Am I resisting the expression of my core essence, my truth, my heart - in fear of judgement or being ‘wrong’?

Where in your life can you pull out the cork, open the flood gates, and begin saying what you really mean?

Now is the only time you will ever have for sure, don’t wait a second longer to reveal your truth and stand behind it with pride. You are worthy of a life of ruthless integrity. 

Love Tara x